ToneTap ScribeTM - MIDI for Teachers and Students

ToneTap Scribe brings score editing combined with our unique ToneTap note recognition software to the Android platform. This mobile notepad for musicians lets you capture your ideas quickly, and share them instantly. Use it to teach, to learn, or to compose short musical ideas.

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ResonatorTM - MIDI for Guitar Players

Resonator offers wireless MIDI to mobile Android devices for guitar players or anyone who wants to learn. Experience the freedom to play powerful synthesizers without any wires, and no limitation on the kind of digital audio workstation, software, or music hardware you choose to play.

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DappleTM - MIDI for Everyone

Dapple lets you touch and draw colorful, sweeping musical soundscapes with Android. It’s a different kind of musical instrument for creating rich, atonal, rhythmically complex textures. Have fun crafting lively, stormy sheets of sound. Create something original with every touch.

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ToneTapTM - MIDI for Woodwind Players (OS X)

ToneTap is a MIDI performance system for woodwind players. With ToneTap and a Mac, a musician can expressively control MIDI synthesizers by playing any of a wide assortment of supported woodwinds. Get huge sounds, play harmony, even chords.

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