ResonatorTM : MIDI for Guitar Players

Resonator is part of the new family of apps from our Android division.

This simple controller for guitar players is packed with expressive potential. Resonator can make music on the go like the other virtual guitars, but it excels by offering lightning fast MIDI over WIFI.

Wireless MIDI enables you to play external MIDI synthesizers running on a PC, Mac, or Linux, and even access hardware synthesizers from your mobile Android devices anywhere within your WIFI network.

Resonator Pro 1.1.0 - lightened

With a program change selector on the left, an octave selector on the right, a tilt indicator up top, and a handful of preferences to help you customize the app to your liking, you can personalize this controller and get playing in no time.

Here are some short recordings made with Resonator sending wireless MIDI to a popular software synthesizer - all played in real time.


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