Setting Up Wireless MIDI

Resonator includes help getting started with wireless MIDI. The instructions below are provided here as well for your convenience. Please note that the links below refer to third-party programs not provided by ThingTone Software.

Resonator is a wireless MIDI controller that works by sending messages over a WIFI network to a server program running on another computer. This server, called DSMI, then relays messages to a music workstation running on that computer or to a connected MIDI synthesizer. In order to make music with Resonator and WIFI you will need a freely available DSMI server program and suitable MIDI software or hardware to produce the instrument sounds you want to hear.

For Mac: Download and run the DSMI Server for Mac from Google Code.

For Windows: Download and run DSMI Server for Windows from Google Code. Windows users will also need a virtual MIDI driver such as LoopBe1

For Linux: Download and run DSMI Server for Linux from Google Code. Linux users will also need a working ALSA configuration. More information is available from the ALSA Project.

With a DSMI server running, next start a digital audio workstation (DAW) such as Reaper, Renoise, or GarageBand. The MIDI source representing Resonator (via DSMI) is called "DSMIDIWiFi-out" and should be enabled as a MIDI input in the DAW program. Now you are ready to play, perform, compose, and record using Resonator and any number of professional audio products that support MIDI.